Privacy Policy

At FarAwayFamily we take your privacy very seriously.

Ten days after your product has been completed and delivered we will send you an email asking whether you would like us to destroy your photos, or keep them in a secure location.

If you choose to have them destroyed:

  • The images and information will be removed entirely and deleted from all email servers, hard drives and any other location that they have been stored.
  • If you request an update or would like to replace a piece, we will need to collect and process the photos again, which will incur an additional cost.

If you choose to have them securely stored:

  • The images and information will be removed from all email servers and other locations with the exception of two offline, password protected hard-drives (main plus backup).
  • They will never be used in any promotional material or in any other form without gaining your explicit permission.
  • Replacements or copies of the products can be completed at a reduced cost.
  • They will never be given to any third parties.
  • You can request that the photos are destroyed at any point if you change your decision.