How does it work?

We know that these personalised games and toys are a bit out of the ordinary, and it might seem a bit confusing as to how your personal family details and photos will end up on your product.
Find out the steps in the process.

1. Have a look around and get in touch
Check out our Facebook page. If anything is not clear about the products or how the whole process works, read through our FAQ or send us a message.
If you'd like to see the products yourself before ordering, feel free to arrange an appointment and come and visit us.

2. Place an order and upload your photos
Once we've received your order and payment, we'll send you a link to upload your photos. The photos should be pre-edited to centre on the face (if appropriate) and in a square format. For further details please take a look at our photo-guidelines. Once we've received your photos we'll start working on your personalised product.

4. Send us your family info (only for MAGNET CUSTOMERS)
We'll need to know how your family fits together to get the colours right for the magnet set. We'll send you an email with a standard family tree for you to print out, fill in, photograph and send back to us. Of course you can add and delete branches by scribbling them out to fit your family. If you have no printer, a hand-drawn tree is also fine.

5. Receive your finished product
The personalised games and toys will be completed and sent to you within 7 working days of your photos and family info arriving. We are sure your kids will love it!

Kids love these personalised games and toys