FarAwayFamily has recently relocated to Australia and is not currently taking orders. Please contact us for further information 


We are an Australian/German family with two little boys living in Munich.

Family is very important to us. We're part of a large, close-knit family but sadly a lot of them live overseas and the rest live at least a 6 hour drive away. We travel to Australia to visit every year so that the kids can get to know their extended family. It's always wonderful but really hard to say goodbye.

Missing Family


Both our kids were born in Munich and grew up across the other side of the world from much of our close family and friends. I was always worried that they wouldn't recognise their grandparents when they came to visit and wouldn't feel like part of the extended family. But I couldn't find any products I liked that could help.

So I quit my job in a large multinational company and started FarAwayFamily to make the personalised games and toys that I knew my own kids would enjoy.  All the products are made lovingly by hand from our house, we even make the boxes and stickers ourselves.


My kids love playing with the card game and doing the puzzle, they even enjoy looking at the many mobiles I have hanging around the house (I designed them for babies but it seems that older kids find them interesting too). They fiddle constantly with the magnets, sorting them and fitting them into the family tree shape like a jigsaw puzzle. It's really increased how often they talk about their cousins and aunts and uncles overseas. Even their great-grandmas seem to feature highly now in the stories they tell each other before they fall asleep.